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Marketing – it’s enough to make any small business run for cover and certainly from speaking with our clients, it is a word that is met with a degree of cynicism and mistrust. To many SME’s, marketing is something for the big boys, the multi-nationals and corporations.

Remember, Cedar Tree are a small business too and we know better than most that specialist market research can be expensive and beyond the budget of most small enterprises.

Nonetheless the dilemma remains, designing and publishing a website is easy, it is getting traffic to the site which can be the tricky bit.


How would you judge the success of your website project? Would the success be based on how well the site looked or by the fact that a few friends or family think it looks cool? Or will it be judged based on the amount of new business that it attracts? Hopefully the latter as this really is the ultimate ‘litmus test’.

To get new business, you need visitors (website traffic) and lots of them. If you owned an ice-cream van, would you like to be positioned on a busy beach in the middle of a heatwave or would you spend your time in the middle of The Burren in deepest winter. Well unless you apply some market research to your business niche, then you may as well be selling ice-creams (or not selling) on a wet day in January!  It is a fact – you can have the most fantastic looking website ever designed that took months to develop but without the traffic – well its not worth anything to anyone.


Cedar Tree can provide you with affordable market research which will make a difference to your website traffic and will give you a chance of high page rankings – all for as little as €395.00 (excluding VAT).

It’s all about keyword research and other search engine optimisation techniques, all without any rockets or science!

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