the website design process with Cedar Tree


Leaving the whole area of website marketing and search engine optimisation aside for a moment, there are three elements which attract costs required to publish a professional website.

  • A web address (known as a domain name).
  • A web hosting account.
  • A website design.

To make life a little simpler for our clients we have designed a number of affordable website packages which include all three elements and start from only €295.00 (excluding VAT). If you already have a web address, this is fine and we will adjust our package prices accordingly.


As simple as it sounds, it is often the area of content that can slow down the design process. It is our job to provide you with a professional and slick looking website but the text content has to come from you! We can help you and give some general guidance but what we know of exotic pets, decorating wedding cakes or external insulation is limited and such specialist information has to come from you, the client.

When preparing your text, think about what information your website visitors will need to know.:-

  • How long have you been trading?
  • What is special about your services?
  • How can I contact you?
  • Are you easy to find?
  • How much will your products cost me?

And the list goes on. Spend a couple of days preparing your website’s content. Do some research, if you are selling products supplied to you by a manufacturer or distributor – get hold of their technical specification sheets. It is always best to put as much unique text into your website as possible. The search engines know and recognise duplicate text (copied and pasted from another website) and in some cases their filtering system will hold such duplicated content back from the front of results pages. Quality and unique text content is the foundation of good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and if you want internet users to find your website among the millions of other websites out there in cyber space – then your two days research and preparation is time well spent.

Imagery is also vital to go with your text. If you provide us with amateur snap shots of your products or services then the website will also look rather amateur. Again, we are here to help and we can always access generic stock imagery or organise a photo shoot at our studio or on location. Think of your website’s content as ingredients for a meal, provide us with the freshest and best quality produce and we will produce fine cuisine. Provide us with rotten and old ingredients – well I think you ‘get my drift’ with this analogy!

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